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Castanea Golf Resort extends for three years

The 2021 Pro Golf Tour 2021 season starts in April

Good news from the Pro Golf Tour: with 13 of the originally 20 planned Order of Merit tournaments and the Qualifying School having been held in the corona year 2020, the Satellite Tour, which is based in Germany, will also start in 2021. The next season is scheduled to start in Egypt in April, with the grand tour final at the wonderful Castanea Golf Resort in Adendorf in early October. In between, a further 16 to 18 tournaments in up to seven countries are to provide the Golf Stars of Tomorrow with playing opportunities and ultimately a chance to be promoted to the European Challenge Tour.

by Matthias Lettenbichler

Diedorf/Germany – “We are planning a compact 2021 season with a well-filled tournament calendar,” says Peter Zäh, CEO of the Pro Golf Tour. “Realistically, we cannot assume that it will be possible to fly and travel without restrictions again in spring 2021, which is why we are not filling our 2021 diary until April – to also give our members planning security early on.” Two tournaments are scheduled to kick off the 2021 Pro Golf Tour around Easter in Ain Sokhna, Egypt. Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands will be on the tour calendar later, and Morocco is also on the wish list for 2021.

The fact that the Pro Golf Tour continues to enjoy great popularity among host clubs is demonstrated by the extension of the contract with the Castanea Golf Resort: The Castanea Resort Championship, the tour final endowed with 50,000 euros, will continue to be held at the golf resort in Adendorf, Lower Saxony up to and including 2023. In 2021 the Pro Golf Tour and Castanea will celebrate their collaboration’s tenth anniversary.

The 10th anniversary

“Since 2012 the Castanea Golf Resort in Adendorf has been the venue for the Pro Golf Tour and supports young golf talent to help them make the transition from amateur to professional players and to enable them to participate in tournaments on the Challenge Tour and finally the European Tour,” says Marion gross Osterhues, manager of the Castanea Golf Resort. “The Pro Golf Tour is a perfect fit for our resort and we are looking forward to the final tournaments and to our 10th anniversary with the Pro Golf Tour.”

Tour CEO Director Peter Zäh adds: “It is a stroke of luck for us that we will be able to hold our final at the Castanea Golf Resort also in the coming years. The course is improved every year, is always in excellent condition and a superb sporting and worthy stage in every respect for our season final, which is equally true for the entire resort. We are very happy that our season highlight will continue to take place in Adendorf!”