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German top talent Staub wins in St. Pölten

Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour St. Pölten 2023

In only his third start on the Pro Golf Tour, Nicklas Staub beat Mike Toorop, Clement Guichard and Jean de Wouters in a play-off. The quartet reaches an overall score of -11 on a tight final day at the Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour St. Pölten on the perfectly prepared course of the St. Pölten Golf Club.


Goldegg, Austria - On a final day of the Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour St. Pölten that was exciting right up to the last shot, a play-off almost inevitably had to decide on the victory. In the meantime, nine players were within one stroke of each other and were right in the middle of the title fight. In the end, a quartet of Mike Toorop (Netherlands), Clement Guichard (France), Jean de Wouters (Belgium) and Nicklas Staub (Germany) finished with a total score of -11. It was back to hole 9 at the St. Pölten Golf Club - several times. It was only on the third extra hole that the decision was made in favour of the young Staub, who had celebrated his 20th birthday only a fortnight ago and was playing only his third Pro Golf Tour event in Goldegg.

"In the three rounds before, I teed off with a 3 iron on the nine," said Staub, who changed his tactics on the par 4 in the play-off. "I didn't even have a chance for birdie on that one. That's why I decided to go for the driver in the playoff." In the play-off with the three opponents, a bolder approach was needed. After two pars, Staub rewarded himself for his courageous decision on the third extra hole and recorded the decisive birdie despite a missed drive. "I definitely didn't want to leave it short because it was the putt to win," said the winner of the Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour St. Pölten about his holed ten-metre putt.

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Right after the play-off, Staub could not believe what he had just achieved - his third start on the Pro Golf Tour and his first title. "I'm a little shocked." Less shocking than fascinating, apart from his greatest success to date, is his back story: Staub only came to Germany at the beginning of June and had previously lived in Florida for almost 15 years. "A few months ago I decided to come to Germany to spend more time with my grandparents. I haven't seen them for a long time." Now Staub lives with his family near Heidelberg.

"I am so happy that we made this decision and that I can now play on this tour. I couldn't be happier. This tour is incredible." With the change and the move to live with his grandparents, Staub's attitude towards golf has also shifted, he said. On the mini-tours in South Florida, he liked to get angry and smash clubs, he said. "I think people hated playing with me," he admitted frankly. In the meantime, however, the most important thing is no longer golf, but his family. Hence the move to his German father's home country. "Just spending time with my grandparents helped me so much mentally."

Staub was all the more looking forward to the return trip to his new home. "I can't wait to surprise them all." His grandparents should be especially proud, for whom Staub left his old life in Florida behind to spend more time with them.

The next event on the Pro Golf Tour continues on 17 August. The Stippelberg Open is the first of three tournaments in the Netherlands.