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James Meyer de Beco triumphs in Verden

Pro Golf Tour Qualifying School

German professional Philip Coles, the two Swiss amateurs Thomas Lecomte and Loris Schüpbach as well as the German Yannic Oppenheimer, also an amateur, share first place at the Qualifying School of the Pro Golf Tour for the 2022 season at the Golf Club Trier with 3 under par each. The Q-School tournament at the GC Verden is won by the Belgian James Meyer de Beco with 9 under par.



by Matthias Lettenbichler

Trier/Verden (Germany) – 96 players competed in each of the two 36-hole tournaments of the Pro Golf Tour Qualifying School 2021 for the 2022 season, with almost half of the participants earning a category for 2022 at each location.

At GC Trier, German amateur Yannic Oppenheimer achieved the best result of the field on the first day of the tournament with a round of 68, a total of 4 under par. On the second day, he needed 73 strokes and was thus tied after two rounds with the two Swiss players Thomas Lecomte (71+70) and Loris Schüpbach (70+71) as well as the German professional Philip Coles (72+69). After 36 holes the quartet shared first place. The best final rounds were achieved by France's Antoine Pouguet and Italy's Andrea Rastelli with 68 strokes each.

The winning quartet of the tournament in Trier will thus receive Category 5 in the 2022 season, as will seven other players, because they all achieved a top-10 result (or stroke equivalent). All Q-School participants who finished the tournament within the top 30 (and equal strokes) will be listed in category 8 - a total of 19 players in Trier. Finally, category 10 is awarded to 17 players who finished the tournament in the top 45 (and tied).

Two strokes ahead: James Meyer de Beco

At GC Verden, James Meyer de Beco celebrated a sovereign victory with rounds of 70 and 67 strokes, a total of 9 under par. The Belgian amateur won by two strokes ahead of the Dutchman Koen Kouwenaar (72+67) and the US-American Bryan Baumgarten (70+69), who shared second place with 7 under par.

In total, eleven players secured category 5 at GC Verden, a further 23 players are classified in category 8 in 2022, 13 in category 10.