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Third victory for Nicolai von Dellingshausen

Sierra Polish Open 2017

With a birdie-birdie-finish and a new course-record in the final round German Nicolai von Dellingshausen secured himself not only the trophy of the Sierra Polish Open 2017, but also a direct promotion to the European Challenge Tour, on which he’s entitled to play from now on. Second rank goes to Scotsman Chris Robb ( -14), who needed one more stroke than the German.

by Christian Langer

Wejherowo/Poland – „It’s always worth to fight. Especially in the today’s final round!“ Happy, satisfied, proud and maybe even a bit overwhelmed Nicolai von Dellingshausen accepted the trophy of the Sierra Polish Open 2017. On the first day the 24-year-old didn’t make the best out of his game, as his seven birdies were overshadowed by six bogeys, a 71 on the par-72-course. A flawless round of 67 by von Dellingshausen followed on day 2, just like Chris Robb who was in the lead at that time. On day 3 the German was four strokes behind, but he noticed that „every worked pretty well from the beginning. I had some good shots, hit the ball precisely and my putts were solid. The course of this great club was also in a good condition“.

After eight holes he already played five birdies, missing another one on the 9th green. But at that moment he had already caught up to Robb. Von Dellingshausen: „I already knew back then that I’d be able to score low.“ With 11 under par the two competitors started their way back to the clubhouse, but while Robb noted three birdies von Dellingshausen noted four. In the end it was the German Pro Golf Tour Order of Merit leader who celebrated the victory for the third time in 2017. „I’m a little bit proud that I was able to flick a switch and catch up“, the champion said.

After winning the Open Tazegzout in Morocco in March, the Adamstal Open 2017 powered by EURAM Bank AG in May and this week in Poland, von Dellingshausen earned himself the direct promotion to the European Challenge Tour. But the triple-champion wants to take it one step at a time: „I really have to see first how everything turns out from now on, and where I get to tee off. I’m not going to rush.“

So there’s a good chance that he tees off at one out of the four remaining Pro Golf Tour events in 2017, to defend his overall-victory. The next tournament will start on August 10, as the Gut Bissenmoor Classic 2017 takes place in the Golf & Country Club Gut Bissenmoor.