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Two wild cards for the Trophée Hassan II

European Tour

Two Pro Golf Tour players are allowed to experience the premier league at the end of March: Marcel Schneider, the 2014 overall winner, is already a confirmed participant in the Trophée Hassan II in Morocco. The second wild card goes to the best player from the next five tournaments.

by Matthias Lettenbichler

Agadir/Morocco — Last year, he won the ticket as the best player of the 2014 Pro Golf Tour Moroccan tournaments. This year, Marcel Schneider ( is allowed to tee off at the 2015 Trophée Hassan II as the overall winner of the 2014 Pro Golf Tour; this European Tour tournament endowed with prize money of EUR 1.5 million takes place in Agadir, Morocco. Europe's best players are making a guest appearance on the Golf du Palais Royal course from 26 to 29 March and playing for one of the most beautiful trophies of the year, a dagger embellished with gold and precious stones, which was last won by a German, Marcel Siem, in 2013.

Which Pro Golf Tour player will also be able to compete against Europe's premier league players alongside Schneider will be decided on 7 March at the latest, the final day of the Open Dar Es Salam Red Course tournament: The best player from the five Moroccan tournaments, the Open Samanah, Open Al Maaden, Open Mogador, Open Dar Es Salam Blue Course and Open Dar Es Salam Red Course, will receive the second wild card for the sovereign golf tournament alongside Schneider this year.