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Confirmed Category Players 2020

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# Player
Category 1: Winners of Pro Golf Tour Tournaments 2019
1 Finn Fleer 
2 Dylan Boshart 
3 Hubert Tisserand 
4 Mateusz Gradecki 
Category 2: Top 30 of the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2019
5 David Heinzinger 
6 Lukas Gras 
7 Jean Bekirian 
Category 3: Top 5 of the PGT Ranking 2020 & Winners of PGT Tournaments 2020
8 (AM) 
Category 4: Top 5 of the final Pro Golf Tour Ranking 2016-2018
9 Chris Robb 
Category 5: Top 20 of the Qualifying School 2019
10 Kieran Cantley 
11 Niklas Regner (AM) 
12 Mihailo Dimitrijevic 
13 Ahoua Arnaud  
14 Jules Gris 
15 Jeff Wright 
16 Thibaut Leys 
Category 6: 12 invitations to be decided by the Pro Golf Tour
17 (AM) 
Category 7: Players finishing in position 31-65 of the final PGT Ranking 2019
18 Maximilian Oelfke 
19 Tomas Gouveia 
20 Mathis Pansart 
21 Romain Vallaeys 
22 Christopher Maclean 
23 Quentin Saintillan 
24 Alois Kluibenschädl 
Category 8: Players finishing in position 21-60 of the Qualifying School 2019
25 Berry Jole 
26 Gabriel Naveau 
27 Jim Vartak de Heij 
28 Riyaz Ahmed 
29 Dimitri Mary 
30 Paolo Cuomo 
31 Raphael Denais 
32 Arnas Kaunas 
33 Eliott Azoulay 
34 Thomas Dorier 
35 Aurelien Simeurt (AM) 
36 Dominic Zrenner 
37 Louis Murray 
38 Maxime Louchet  
39 Joao Zitzer 
40 Joao Pinto Basto (AM) 
41 Branimir Gudelj 
42 Josh Crumplin 
Category 9: Players finishing in position 66-90 in the final PGT Ranking 2019
43 Philip McLean 
44 Henry Simpson 
45 Niklas Griffiths 
46 Jonathan Griffiths  
47 Dominik Pietzsch 
48 Tomas Beitia 
Category 10: Players finishing in position 61-90 of the Qualifying School 2019
49 James Johnston 
50 Damian Faraut Blanchi 
51 Pierrick Robin (AM) 
52 Remy Al Homsi (AM) 
53 Charles Morra Trombetta 
54 Ron Cedric Reinert (AM) 
55 Mitchell Schoorl 
56 Dennis Fuchs 
After the entry deadline, players above this line will receive a spot in the tournament

Players who competed in Pro Golf tournaments up to now

Nicolas Kraus Nicolas Kraus 
Julius Kreutzer Julius Kreutzer 
Jeroen Krietemeijer Jeroen Krietemeijer 
Anders Kristiansen Anders Kristiansen 
Wenzel Krzenck Wenzel Krzenck 
Christian Kuehnel Christian Kuehnel 
Christian Kümmerle Christian Kümmerle 
Roman Kumpost Roman Kumpost 
Julian Kunzenbacher Julian Kunzenbacher 
Dennis Küpper Dennis Küpper 
Lars Tobias Küpper Lars Tobias Küpper 
Kanatbek Kurmanaliev Kanatbek Kurmanaliev 
Christoph Kuttnigg Christoph Kuttnigg 
Petjo Kuzarow Petjo Kuzarow 
Nico Kyprian Nico Kyprian 
Christopher Labadie Christopher Labadie 
Adrien Lafuge Adrien Lafuge 
Henry Lai Henry Lai 
Maximilian Laier Maximilian Laier 
Gero Lammel Gero Lammel 
Moritz Lammel Moritz Lammel 
Danny Lampe Danny Lampe 
Moritz Lampert Moritz Lampert 
Nico Lang Nico Lang 
Charles Larcelet Charles Larcelet 
Andrea Laurent Andrea Laurent 
Gregg LaVoie Gregg LaVoie 
David Law David Law 
Jonah Lawrenz Jonah Lawrenz 
Erwan le Floc'h Erwan le Floc'h 
Maximilian Lechner Maximilian Lechner 
Thomas Lecomte Thomas Lecomte 
Gregory Leech Gregory Leech 
Mikko Lehtovuori Mikko Lehtovuori 
Aaron Leitmannstetter Aaron Leitmannstetter 
Ralph Leitner Ralph Leitner 
Jens-Oliver Lenk Jens-Oliver Lenk 
Julien Lenne Julien Lenne 
Yannic Lerch Yannic Lerch 
Anze Leskovar Anze Leskovar 
Lucas Levy Lucas Levy 
Thibaut Leys Thibaut Leys 
Ayoub Lguirati Ayoub Lguirati 
David Li David Li 
Ondrej Lieser Ondrej Lieser 
Nikolas Liesicke Nikolas Liesicke  
Andrew M. Limb Andrew M. Limb 
Lukas Lipold Lukas Lipold 
Ondrej Lisy Ondrej Lisy 
Martin Litz Martin Litz 
Alexandre Liu Alexandre Liu 
Ryan Lloyd Ryan Lloyd 
Sam Locke Sam Locke 
Pascal Lodes Pascal Lodes 
Laurids Lohr Laurids Lohr 
Dennis Lohrmann Dennis Lohrmann 
Hurly Long Hurly Long 
Johann Lopez Lazaro Johann Lopez Lazaro 
Maxime  Louchet Maxime Louchet  
Brad Lovatt Brad Lovatt 
Lars Lucardie Lars Lucardie 
Victor Luce Victor Luce 
Gregoire Luck Gregoire Luck 
Christian Lüdemann Christian Lüdemann 
Michael Ludwig Michael Ludwig 
Marian Ludwig Marian Ludwig 
Arthur Luetkemeyer Arthur Luetkemeyer 
Henry Luetkemeyer Henry Luetkemeyer 
Tamas Lugosi Tamas Lugosi 
Markus Lüker Markus Lüker 
Christopher Lutz Christopher Lutz 
James Mack James Mack 
Christopher Maclean Christopher Maclean 
Sean Sinjin Macnab Sean Sinjin Macnab 
Joao Magalhaes Joao Magalhaes 
Cedric Maheo Cedric Maheo 
Nicolas Maheut Nicolas Maheut 
Sean Maisey Sean Maisey 
Nacer Makroune Nacer Makroune 
Mohamed Makroune Mohamed Makroune 
Federico Malossini Federico Malossini 
Michael Manavian Michael Manavian 
Victor Marchiset Victor Marchiset 
Ahmed Marjan Ahmed Marjan 
Anas Marjan Anas Marjan 
Mats Markovits Mats Markovits 
Dimitri Mary Dimitri Mary 
Leo Mathard Leo Mathard 
Alexander Matlari Alexander Matlari 
Philipp Matlari Philipp Matlari 
Nicklas Mattner Nicklas Mattner 
Stanislav Matus Stanislav Matus 
Markus Maukner Markus Maukner 
Jürgen Maurer Jürgen Maurer 
Sven Maurits Sven Maurits 
Clifford Maye Clifford Maye 
Tim Mayer Tim Mayer 
Daniel Mayerhofer Daniel Mayerhofer 
Kurt Mayr Kurt Mayr 
Hugo Mazen Trommetter Hugo Mazen Trommetter 
Blaire  McKeithen Blaire McKeithen 
Philip McLean Philip McLean 
Rory Mcnamara Rory Mcnamara 
Thomas  Mead Thomas Mead 
Alexandre Medor Alexandre Medor 
Nicholas Meerkamp Nicholas Meerkamp 
Zino Meesen Zino Meesen 
Dominik Mehr Dominik Mehr 
Emilio Meijer Emilio Meijer 
Philipp Mejow Philipp Mejow 
Rochdi Mekkaoui Rochdi Mekkaoui 
Peter Melching Peter Melching 
Ondrej Melichar Ondrej Melichar 
Remi Menard Remi Menard 
Rob Menzies Rob Menzies 
Adrian Meronk Adrian Meronk 
Nicolas Merz Nicolas Merz 
Redouane Meski Redouane Meski 
Brian Messing Brian Messing 
Alex Messiqua Alex Messiqua 
Velten Meyer Velten Meyer 
Stefan Meyer Stefan Meyer 
Dennis Meyerrose Dennis Meyerrose 
Stephane Meyssonnier Stephane Meyssonnier 
Ralph Miller Ralph Miller 
Marnick Modder Marnick Modder 
Robert Molnar Robert Molnar 
Mathieu Montagne Mathieu Montagne 
Fraser Moore Fraser Moore 
Florian Moosmeier Florian Moosmeier 
Byron Morley Byron Morley 
Mikhail Morozov Mikhail Morozov 
Charles Morra Trombetta Charles Morra Trombetta 
Blair Morton Blair Morton 
Felix Mory Felix Mory 
Filip Mruzek Filip Mruzek 
Ghanim Mubarak Al Kuwari Ghanim Mubarak Al Kuwari 
Ferdinand Mueller Ferdinand Mueller 
James Mullen James Mullen 
Jerome Müller Jerome Müller 
Hugo Muller Hugo Muller 
Louis Murray Louis Murray 
Rene Mussner Rene Mussner 
Michael Muthreich Michael Muthreich 
Jeremy Nagy-Revesse Jeremy Nagy-Revesse 
Michael Nativel Michael Nativel 
Gabriel Naveau Gabriel Naveau 
Manuel Nebauer Manuel Nebauer 
Jan Philipp Nebe Jan Philipp Nebe 
Lukas Nemecz Lukas Nemecz 
Marc Neubert Marc Neubert 
Jan-Philip Neuendorf Jan-Philip Neuendorf 
Bernard Neumayer Bernard Neumayer 
Petr Nic Petr Nic 
Paul Nicolas Paul Nicolas 
Lasse Sonne Nielsen Lasse Sonne Nielsen 
Vitek Novak Vitek Novak 
Kamil Nowak Kamil Nowak 
Sebastian Nowak Sebastian Nowak 
Philipp Oberhauser Philipp Oberhauser 
Justus Ockenfels Justus Ockenfels 
Maximilian Oelfke Maximilian Oelfke 
Marcel Ohorn Marcel Ohorn 
Francisco Oliveira Francisco Oliveira 
Vladimir Osipov Vladimir Osipov 
Jakub Ossowski Jakub Ossowski 
Fernand Osther Fernand Osther 
Cedric Otten Cedric Otten 
Said Ouahmane Said Ouahmane 
Daniel Owen Daniel Owen 
Maximilian Owen Maximilian Owen 
Peter Demier Owens Peter Demier Owens 
Philipp Pakosch Philipp Pakosch 
Benjamin  Palanszki Benjamin Palanszki  
Mathis Pansart Mathis Pansart 
Maurice Panten Maurice Panten 
Sun Sarot Pantong Sun Sarot Pantong 
Thilo Pantzke Thilo Pantzke 
Ben Parker Ben Parker 
Rafael Parra Rafael Parra 
Manuel Partsch Manuel Partsch 
Jeremy Paul Jeremy Paul 
Vojtech Pavelka Vojtech Pavelka 
Slawomir Pawlinski Slawomir Pawlinski 
Franck Pazienza Franck Pazienza 
Jonathan PEPY Jonathan PEPY 
Michael Perez Michael Perez 
Kenneth Perez Kenneth Perez 
Thomas Perrot Thomas Perrot 
Juan Peters Juan Peters 
Simon Peters Simon Peters 
Daniel Petersen Daniel Petersen 
Alexandre Petit Alexandre Petit 
Luca Pettinau Luca Pettinau 
Bjarki Petursson Bjarki Petursson 
Michael Pfeifer Michael Pfeifer 
Yann Pfeiffer Yann Pfeiffer 
Tim Pfister Tim Pfister 
Pierre-Henri Philippe Pierre-Henri Philippe 
Sandro Piaget Sandro Piaget 
Paul Piedelievre Paul Piedelievre 
Jan Pietka Jan Pietka 
Dominik Pietzsch Dominik Pietzsch 
Pierrick Pignolet Pierrick Pignolet 
Colin Piltner Colin Piltner 
Joao Pinto Basto Joao Pinto Basto 
Jakub Piotrowski Jakub Piotrowski 
Ole Pirdzun Ole Pirdzun 
Filip Plaszczykowski Filip Plaszczykowski 
Nicolas Platret Nicolas Platret 
Player Player 1 Player Player 1 
Player Player 10 Player Player 10 
Player Player 11 Player Player 11 
Player Player 12 Player Player 12 
Player Player 13 Player Player 13 
Player Player 2 Player Player 2 
Player Player 3 Player Player 3 
Player Player 4 Player Player 4 
Player Player 5 Player Player 5 
Player Player 6 Player Player 6 
Player Player 7 Player Player 7 
Player Player 8 Player Player 8 
Player Player 9 Player Player 9 
Patrick Poate Patrick Poate 
Pierre-Olivier Pochat Pierre-Olivier Pochat 
Jakub Pokorný Jakub Pokorný 
Richard Polan Richard Polan 
Cristiano Polidoro Cristiano Polidoro 
Lamar Porter Lamar Porter 
Michal Pospisil Michal Pospisil 
Armin Posratschnig Armin Posratschnig 
Rossini Postiglione Rossini Postiglione 
Sebastian Poths Sebastian Poths 
Clemens Prader Clemens Prader 
Florian Prägant Florian Prägant 
Martin Prihoda Martin Prihoda 
Martyn Proctor Martyn Proctor 
Gianluca Proietti Gianluca Proietti 
Benjamin  Purshouse Benjamin Purshouse 
Riccardo Quercia Riccardo Quercia 
Maximilian Querling Maximilian Querling 
Camilo Quinones Camilo Quinones 
Aleksandar Radoicic Aleksandar Radoicic 
Maxime Radureau Maxime Radureau 
Philipp Raggl Philipp Raggl 
Clement Rameaux Clement Rameaux 
Othman Raouzi Othman Raouzi 
Oliver Rath Oliver Rath